Dragonfly Woodworking & Leather

When you are looking for any custom sizes or laser engraving to add a personalized touch, just email us for a quote dragonflywoodworking@gmail.com

My name is Patrick.  I am a hobbyist woodworker and a craftsman with a passion for creating unique and practical gifts, furniture, and accessories for you and around your home.  I have been walking in sawdust ever since I was a very young boy.   My job in my fathers' garage / shop was to sweep the floor and keep the shop clean.  I followed my father all around, watching him cut, sand, shape wood for all sorts of projects.  I am not a professional furniture maker, but rather a hobbyist that takes great pride in his craft.  The items I do make are well made and could be proudly displayed in any home. I produce high quality custom wood furniture, boxes, cutting boards, cabinets, bookcases...that have been hand crafted with the finest materials to withstand the test of time.  Est. 2008.     dragonflywoodworking@gmail.com