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Handcrafted Leather bags and shop aprons

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You Tube Woodworking content creator, Jay Bates of       

Jay's Custom Creations

I wanted something truly custom
— Jay Bates, Jay's Custom Creations

             Check out Jay's extensive review of "My Custom Shop Apron" on his website

   "Two huge thumps up on the apron and customer service." - Jay Bates


Jason Bent from Bent’s Woodworking made a comprehensive video of the whole process, from ordering, receiving the canvas template, video conference for tool placement, and design, to unboxing and placing his tools. This video is well worth the time. He addresses many of the questions that Michelle and I answer everyday.

I absolutely love it,
I can’t say enough great things about it
— Jason Bent, Bent's Woodworking

Custom Leather Apron  review by Eliot Mereski



& Leather

With the passion for creating and hand crafting wood and leather, we want to design products that are unique and practical for you and around your creative space.  


All full grain leather, handcrafted, everyday use tote / purse. The bag is stitched with polyester thread for durability. The straps are fastened with eight hand peened copper rivets.  

"A custom leather apron is a tool that you will use on every project." - Patrick Melchior

A leather apron provides protection and is comfortable to wear.  We use a crisscross adjustable system so it fits over anything you wear for varying temperatures in your shop. Think about your most used tools, the ones you keep setting down, spend time looking for and have possibly dropped because of size. Those are the items with a home spot on your apron. They will always be safe, and at your fingertips...saving you time because you know where they are.