The Sidekick is a light duty, side carry leather pouch that can carry an array of essential tools for the DIYer or Contractor. It’s not a tool belt nor does it replace one. Ideal for cellphones, scratch pad, calculator, safety glasses, marker, pencil, pens, screw drivers, pliers, utility knife, or whatever else you need. The Sidekick easily snaps over your belt, no need to unbuckle.

For those who are maybe not an apron person, or others who like to wear the cargo full length tool pants. It is a side leg, holster style tool holder. Made with leather straps and leather pockets. It attaches to your belt, easy snap on and off without removing your belt. It is perfect to put on for a quick repair job. Easy to attach when you get to the site to quote a job and easy off at the end of the day. Design includes our stainless steel tape measure clip and all leather pockets to hold your most used items pencil, sharpie, cell phone, scratch pad, knife... endless options .
The perfect helper for the DIYer installing the ceiling fan. The shop helper, keeping your tools close. A great alternative to an apron or tool belt.

Sidekick measurements:
6" W x 7" L 10" including straps
upper pocket 6" x 6"

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